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Why English is important? (Part I)

posted Jun 06, 2011 16:57:03 by Discussion
Not being adequately proficient in English language is almost a sin in the current world as it is unquestionably a huge big need of the hour. Holding good expression in English you are guaranteed to keep going hassle free in whatever business you are, or it will certainly stay as a main hazard on your way proving to be a stumbling stone in many of your affairs. Such is the importance of this only language of communication; of course, no one can dare deny it.
Experts are convinced that when you are a young child, your brain has optimum capacity to develop a language most naturally and with an amazing pace. However, as you grow older the amount of this natural gift gets reduced, making it much harder for you to learn as an adult.
Many in today's world aspire to speak English fluently at an age where it really is an uphill task for them to do. Reaching a reasonable or acceptable level of communicating their ideas is, in fact, a cumbersome job. Successful communication is the goal when you are busy grappling with any language, and it means conveying your thoughts clearly to your listener. But if you have not had an opportunity to grow in such environment, then you must know that it is not going to be a smooth sailing. On the contrary, it is a toilsome process in which you will have to exert yourself with a rock hard determination and indestructible persistence.
I would personally advise you not to waste your hard-earned money in going for any English Speaking Course for that purpose. Instead, if you really want to furnish your personality with this enormously essential feature, you need to work on it with all your heart. You better pinpoint your weaker areas first, and then proceed to chalking out a thorough program for yourself you will undergo. The span of such program of course will be dependent on how much time you can spare every day.
Though it has to be an all time activity, meaning you should stay connected with the idea of involving English in each of your conversations as frequently as possible, yet it is important that you sit down for some time every day to concentrate on a few newer structures and expressions. People capable of understanding English may not be available all the time. So, it is reading you are left with as an only choice for you.
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