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Why English is Important? (Part II)

posted Jun 06, 2011 16:56:19 by Discussion
Do you fear making mistakes while speaking in English? Making mistakes in the beginning is natural and absolutely unavoidable. So don't feel scared at all. Try to get over such fright.
Having begun the practice, as you proceed in the process, you will feel frustrated and experience anxiety. Learning any language, in fact, is a tedious experience. But do not forget there is price for everything in this world, while the price here is mental exertion for a period of six months. So, you are advised to stay calm and patient all through such practice.
Reading English text from newspaper or a story book out loud is considered to be the best form of practice. Do it for a span of three months most regularly spending an hour or so every day. It will give your learning skyrocketing progress.
Find a friend, if possible, with who you could spend some time talking in English.
Initially, you should try to involve four or five sentences in each of your short conversations with the people you chat with in your day-to-day interaction. It means after every two or three sentences, you must speak one sentence in English without feeling scared of the idea that others would think you are trying to be smart. Get used to it. Then go on increasing the number of sentences in English every passing day.
As for your developing proper English accent, that comes by listening to or chatting with native speakers of the language which you might not find around where you live. But you can certainly find one on internet.
Watching English movies or documentaries is recommended as your learning pace increases when the spoken words are supported by relevant visuals too.
Trying to speak too fast is a big mistake. It shows nervousness and you only end up pronouncing many of your words incorrectly.
Recording your own voice and listening for pronunciation mistakes is a wonderful exercise. Do go for it as it can help you remove many of your mistakes.
Observing the mouth movements of the native speakers and repeating what they are saying is extremely important, or else you will never be able to develop the intonation and rhythm of English language.
I once enjoyed video clips based on interviews with the native speakers and instructions being delivered by the native speakers along with the text given below those videos so that you could see the text being spoken in the video version of the conversation. It was indeed a wonderful experience. The website was probably
Be regular in whatever forms of practices you have chosen for yourself.
Behold, the best ways to improve your speaking ability are:
First, succeeding to read four or five pages out loud for a period of three months
Second, speaking, speaking and speaking. Spend hours on speaking to your own self. Chat with yourself - about your problems, about your interests, hobbies, about the events that are happening in your life.
You will certainly own the language if you manage to stay steadfast in your efforts.

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